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With the severity of the epidemic, more and more places advocate bringing your own drinking utensils. At the same time, self-provided drinking utensils have many advantages. Whether it is in the office, classroom, travel, or business trip, they can always play their role. Therefore, we might as well try our own drinking utensils. With more and more choices of ordinary drinking utensils, more people try to customize tumbler, which can not only distinguish their own tumblers, but also highlight their unique creativity.

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How to choose a good tumbler cup needs to be considered from many aspects. A good tumbler cup can not only have good heat preservation but also meet your customized needs.We have summarized a few points to help you choose the right custom vacuum tumbler.

Tumbler Material

The first and most important thing you need to know is the different types of materials used to make drinking containers. Stainless steel tumblers are the most popular as they provide insulation and keep your drinks warm or chilled as per your preference. Plastic containers are cheaper but can ruin the beverage’s taste and quality.

The stainless steel tumbler will leave scratches but it is very durable. Although the plastic material will not leave scratches, it will not be as durable and safe as stainless steel.

30 oz tumbler

Insulation Feature

The biggest feature of the tumbler cup is to maintain the temperature. Generally, a double-layer insulation structure is used to maintain the temperature of the introduced liquid. But when a two-layer structure is used, the budget generally increases. So a good quality thermos cup will cost more. 

To keep your beverages hot or cold for a longer period, let the container come down to room temperature before pouring the drink in. Seal it tightly as soon as you are done pouring to avoid air from getting in.

12 oz stainless steel tumbler

Tumbler Capacity

How to choose a suitable capacity needs to refer to the daily living habits of the individual. If you usually drink a lot of water or it is inconvenient to receive water, it is recommended to use a large-capacity tumbler such as 40oz and 32oz. For students or those who do not drink much water, consider 20oz and 12oz small tumblers.

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For those who want a distinctive tumbler, whether it can be customized, the printing method used for customization, and the cost of customization are all factors to be seriously considered. Only the merchants who can provide customized services are determined first, and then the fee is determined according to the printing method. It is necessary to communicate to determine whether the logo you want to print can be realized.

stainless steel tumbler custom


While the factors mentioned above can help you pick an ideal tumbler for daily use, you may still not be able to afford it due to a restricted budget. To avoid this, find out the prices and look for a model that fits in your price range.If you need a high-quality container to keep your beverages at a certain temperature all day long, do not think twice before paying a higher price as you will get an excellent value in return.

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Swap your single-use plastic cups with a reusable tumbler to reduce plastic usage and encourage a sustainable approach. With a durable and portable tumbler by your side, you no longer have to spend extra money on drinks or find convenience stores to grab a bottle of chilled water. Even though high-quality tumblers are a bit expensive, their performance and longevity make the money spent worthwhile.

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