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How to really identify a variety of mats and choose the most suitable and cost-effective mat?

There is no doubt that learning to identify mats first is an introductory course, and it is necessary to understand various mats before making a judgment. It's a very simple and useful way to start by distinguishing between indoor mats and outdoor mats.We will discuss the difference between them from four aspects.

outside mats for patio

The difference between indoor mats and outdoor mats

Differences In Materials

The difference in materials is caused by the different responsibilities of indoor and outdoor carpets. Indoor mats play a more decorative and cleaning role, and because they are placed indoors for a long time, there will be no great loss. Outdoor mats need to withstand the influence of wind, rain, and sun, and sturdy materials can guarantee their service life.

Indoor doormats are typically made from softer materials, such as cotton or polyester. Outdoor doormats are usually made from tougher materials, such as rubber or coir. This helps them withstand the elements and keep our outdoor space clean. 

The outdoor materials are made from a material that is tough and can withstand the various elements that Mother Nature throws at them. Indoor rugs are made from a softer material, and this is because they are mostly kept away from the harsh elements outside the house. Outdoor rugs are made from sturdy natural and synthetic materials such as sisal and nylon this is so the carpet or rug you get for the backyard can last a long time before you have to think about getting a new one. 

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Different Designs

The difference in design is also caused by the different responsibilities of indoor mats and outdoor mats. Indoor carpets are more to keep the room clean and tidy while playing a decorative role, while outdoor carpets prevent dirt from entering the room. Therefore, indoor mats are not only soft and comfortable, but also have a different sense of design, while outdoor mats are relatively hard and do not have a very unique design.

Rug designers sometimes choose unique colors and patterns when designing indoor rugs, which are not only more attractive but also have more sophisticated design schemes than outdoor rugs. And outdoor rugs often only have one or a few patterns and colors.

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Different Performance

The materials of outdoor carpets are stronger than indoor carpets, and these materials can also be used in harsh environments. Outdoor carpets are fade resistant and can be exposed to strong UV rays, rain, snow and sun exposure. Outdoor rugs are designed to resist mud and pollution and have better grip. The most commonly used is the waterhog mat, which has an acrylic back on the rug and will not curl even when placed in areas where rain and snow are common. Or slip, with better grip performance, which prevents accidents.

The decorative effect of indoor carpets often makes the layout of the entire room brighter, and the size is often not very large. The role of indoor carpets is more to clean up some remaining stains when entering the room.

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Different Placement

Generally speaking, indoor carpets are more used in households, and outdoor carpets are more used in commercial places. The home environment does not come in and out often, and indoor carpets can also play a decorative effect. And commercial places have a large flow of people, so durable carpets are more needed, and the performance of anti-corrosion and mildew resistance is better. Generally, outdoor carpets made of chemical fibers are undoubtedly the best choice.

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