Commercial Entrance Mats With Logo

Why do you say that logo door mats can help stores increase customer traffic? A set of data tells you that most people are visual animals, and vision affects people's feelings. Therefore, when customers choose to enter a store, 91% of them will choose based on the appearance of the store. According to CDI's questionnaire on how to judge the freshness of a store, 42% of customers will use the image of the ground as their first impression, while 14% of customers choose the smell. It can be seen how important a good store image is, so the logo door mat can help you improve the first impression of customers and increase customer flow.

Commercial Entrance Mats With Logo

Here are 4 reasons why you can boost your brand and awareness with a commercial entry logo mat.

1.Create A Great First Impression

If you believe in love at first sight stories, then we can discuss business first impressions. You only have one chance to make a first impression on your customers. There is no doubt that the entrance and exit are the places with the most traffic and the first place to look. This is undoubtedly the best choice for establishing the image and style of the brand.

Whether your style is serious or lively does require corporate publicity considerations, but there will always be a definite style that is on display and recalls.

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2.Introduce Your Company And Brand

The reason why commercial entrance mats with logos need to bring a logo, rather than a simple welcome slogan, is not only to increase the publicity of the company's brand. At the same time, it also subtly affects the recall of the brand among customers. Usually, people's impression of pictures will far exceed the memory brought by words. This makes a lasting impression on a logo that is colorful or oddly shaped.

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3.One-time Payment But Continuous Promotion

It has become extremely difficult for modern businesses to obtain traffic. People pay high costs for actual advertising space, and at the same time, they continue to pay for advertising in the media. Now we have one-time paid advertisements. As long as someone passes by your door and sees your logo or unique promotional slogan, this is undoubtedly an offline advertisement display, and there has been no charge for the display for many years. Need to secure an advertising space for your store.
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4.Enticing Promotions

We all know that the purpose of publicity is to acquire customers or traffic, so what is more attractive than discounts or promotions? By printing your event on the carpet and pre-warming the publicity, I believe that passersby will pay attention to such events. It is not necessary to print a logo or a slogan to impress. Trust me, your event can also be used. Maybe the customer will set the alarm clock in advance.

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