Trade Show Table Covers

Tablecloths can not only be used in exhibitions, expos, trade fairs, and various events but are also an indispensable means of publicity and brand image promotion.

But it is often difficult to tell how to choose a suitable tablecloth. If you want to choose the right tablecloth, you must first learn to distinguish the difference between fitted tablecloths and stretch tablecloths.

Trade Show Table Covers

Three points to understand the difference between the two types of tablecloths.

1. Appearance and design 

Usually, the two have completely inconsistent design drawings, and the obvious difference can be seen in the design drawings. At the same time, appearance is also a very good way to distinguish. Fitted tablecloths often do not have tensile properties and become loose, while stretch tablecloths are in a tight state due to the elastic fiber material. You will come to a conclusion if you observe carefully.

 3-Sided Fitted Table Cover

3-Sided Stretch Table Cover


2. Different materials 

For fitted tablecloths, only polyester material is often required, but for stretch tablecloths that require elasticity, spandex is often added to maintain the resilience of two-way stretch fabric for snugness.

Spandex Two-way Elastic Fabric

Polyester fabrics often show wrinkle resistance, and after adding spandex, they also show resilience. It's actually pretty easy to spot, to make sure your trade show tablecloth is stretchy.

Fitted Table Cloths

Stretch Table Cloths

3. Application scenarios

The specific use of fitted tablecloths or stretch tablecloths depends on the situation of your table and your own preferences. If you need a table that doesn't look so serious, then I recommend a fitted tablecloth, but often times when the table size and shape don't fit the tablecloth so perfectly that's when the stretch tablecloth gets a vote.

Fitted Table Covers

More of a difference is how it feels to customers, which depends on the tone and style of your entire show.

Stretch Table Covers

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