custom pop up tents

As professional exhibition personnel or experienced supplier, we all need to have a certain understanding of exhibition supplies. In the exhibition, if you want to show your different styles and achieve the effect of brand promotion, custom pop-up tents with logos will be a very good choice.

But many people don't really understand the process of how to customize a tent with a company logo. People often think too much about things they don't understand. In fact, the production process of custom tents is not complicated. If you understand deeply, you can better choose related tents in the later stage.

pop up tent with sides

1.Identify Needs

Communication will be the foundation of a successful business. In the beginning, there are many aspects that need to be communicated with custom tent manufacturers. You need to determine the size of the tent and the material of the tent. Also need to print your artwork on the tent, so you need to communicate everything about your logo or slogan.

Generally, the manufacturer will give you a design drawing according to your needs of display tents for trade shows. Once you have the corresponding design drawing and have communicated all data issues, you can proceed to the next step of production.

10x15 canopy tent template


2.Custom Printing

The important step has come to the most critical step, let your works begin to appear in front of the world.We often use three methods for printing, screen printing, thermal transfer and full color gradient printing.

Screen printing

Screen printing belongs to stencil printing, which is called the four major printing methods together with flat printing, letterpress printing, and four printing. The principle of stencil printing is: during printing, the printing plate (paper film plate or other plate bases with holes through which the ink can pass through) transfers the ink through the holes of the stencil to the substrate (paper, ceramics, etc.) through a certain pressure. And form images or text.

custom popup tent screen printing process

Screen printing has the advantages of large batches, cheap prices, bright colors, long shelf life, and fast delivery, and is widely used.

Thermal Transfer

Thermal transfer printing is an emerging printing process. The printing method of this process is divided into two parts: transfer film printing and transfer processing. The transfer film printing adopts dot printing (resolution up to 300dpi), and the pattern is pre-printed on the surface of the film. , The printed pattern is rich in layers, bright in color, ever-changing, small in color difference, good in reproducibility, and suitable for mass production. The transfer printing process transfers the exquisite pattern on the transfer film to the surface of the product through one-time processing (heating and pressure) of the thermal transfer machine.

custom popup tent thermal transfer printing

Full-Color Gradient Printing

The designer of the advertising tent company uses a lot of color gradient effects in the design, but in most cases, please use the gradient color with caution when printing and packaging design. The gradient color is generally used for renderings, and the gradient can make the flat design look like With three-dimensional and realistic!

custom popup tent gradient full color printing

Through these printing methods, we got the tent cloth with logo.

custom 10x10 canopy tent with company logo



Through printing, we have obtained the various pieces of cloth we need, and then we need to sew the tent surface. Sew the single sides of multiple tents together to form a complete tent face.

popup tents

 4.Finished Product

Through the above steps, the main part of a tent can be made. The second is to assemble the tent tarpaulin and shelf to complete the final process of a custom tent.

custom pop up tents


The specific delivery time needs to be confirmed with the manufacturer. Generally, we will preconceived that it will take a long time to make a customized custom pop up tent. But it often does not take that long, about 7-15 days to complete the entire process and deliver.


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