Catered to your wishes

At Brandu, not only we sale items, but also we create new and customized product solutions to fit your needs.

Brandu is poised to respond to your needs when your production flow unexpectedly changes. We can offer lead times of less than two days!

You get a dedicated customer service specialist to ensure you get the solution you need in your time frame. In order to provide you with a superior service level at optimal cost, we offer you many options.

We ensure you have as little or as much stock as you need, using a variety of solutions.Brandu aim to cater to your wishes.According to the logo and tone you choose, we will produce the corresponding high-quality products to meet your needs.

Local support

Brandu is a global player, so you can rely on a worldwide sales and service network that is responsive to market changes.

You will be working with highly trained and result-driven professionals whose constant aim is to create added value for your business. This way, you get the most from our global reach: our expertise, our efficiency, our proximity.

We have a complete supply chain and offices in the United States and China.It greatly improves the convenience and efficiency of providing you with personalized services.The logo, size and color will no longer remain the same, but will be changed according to your own customization needs.

We have so many partners and past successful experiences, which will bring you a win-win experience.

For more details, you can directly contact our customer service email: or click on the Customized page to leave a message for consultation.

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