8ft 4 Sided With Zipper Back Fitted Table Cover

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Tablecovers 8ft 4 Sided With Zipper Back

There is no doubt that a Brandu table covers 8ft 4 sided with a zipper back will be the best choice for your next exhibition.250g polyester-made table cloth is strong and durable. Lightweight and washable. But on this basis, it is anti-wrinkle. This undoubtedly greatly extends the life and frequency of the tablecloth. The zippered back made it easy to install or remove the tablecloth. Our customization service will also surprise you. Through customization service, your logo, slogan or desired color number can be displayed on the tablecloth.

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BRP-TC804 Feature

  • 250g polyester
  • Classic and elegantly
  • Lightweight and washable
  • Easy to store and ship
  • Enhanced your booth appearance
  • Wrinkle free
  • The underside of the material will remain white
  • Dye Sublimation full color
  • For use on 6' tables

                                                Make your display setup look more professional with a custom, full-color,dye-sub printed table throw that will leave a positive impression on visitors.
                                                This table cover is designed to fit a standard table with measurements of 30"W x 96"L x 29"H.
                                                The base fabric is white and is printed in full color, so the final printed tablecloth can have any number of colors or images. The background color of the table cover will be whatever you design it to be.

                                                Tablecovers 8ft 4 Sided With Zipper Back

                                                Shipping Information
                                                Setup fee:$25
                                                Packing: 1PC/150g oxford Bag, 10pc/Ctn
                                                Product time:5-7days
                                                Shipping Time: 5-7 workdays by FedEx Express.

                                                8ft 4 Sided With Zipper Back Fitted Table Cover Front
                                                8ft 4 Sided With Zipper Back Fitted Table Cover Back

                                                BrandU:From West Coast To East Coast

                                                Brandu is committed to providing high-quality products and services. It was established in California, USA. After years of precipitation, it has become an excellent manufacturing and distribution supplier with a wide range of mature businesses.Having a presence across the entire American continent will be our next phase.

                                                Brandu table cloth factory team

                                                How We Make The Table Cloth

                                                MATERIALS AND DETAILS

                                                Material for tablecloth

                                                Brandu tablecloths factory aims to make the fitted table covers.We use different materials and weights of fabrics for processing. Whether you want to custom tablecloth with a logo, custom tablecloths for trade shows, not stretchable or stretch table covers. We always have the right material to meet your needs.

                                                All our trade show table cloths have been carefully crafted and processed.

                                                Image: The print is colorful and stable which is have the great visual effect.

                                                Sewing: Table cloth that sew angles type with several small pie-ces to make the cloth to fit the table very well.

                                                Material: The table cloth is using the environment friendly material.

                                                Brandu table cloth details

                                                SIZE AND TEMPLATE

                                                trade show table covers size and template

                                                Still, looking for a tablecloths factory that can realize your idea? The answer is at hand. We custom trade show table cloth with logo. Whether it is the style or the size of the tablecloth, everything is up to you.
                                                Browse our full collection of tablecloths to choose the right one!
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                                                Just browse our 8 foot custom tablecloth to choose the right one!

                                                PRODUCTION AND PACKING

                                                Brandu tablecloths factory prodution
                                                Brandu tablecloths factory packing

                                                Our tablecloths factory has won the respect and support of customers with professional processes and excellent craftsmanship.
                                                Custom fitted table covers with logo are made through multiple professional processes.
                                                We print locally in Los Angeles and are table cloth factory near you. We deliver the goods to any corner of the United States within 2-7 business days after the tablecloth is made.

                                                Trusted Business Partners

                                                Business Partner The Patrón Spirits Company Trademark
                                                Business Partner Hugo Boss Trademark
                                                Business Partner T-Mobile Trademark
                                                Business Partner Xfinity Trademark
                                                Business Partner Chevron Corporation Trademark
                                                Business Partner Claro Trademark
                                                Business Partner Adidas Trademark
                                                Business Partner Airbnb Trademark
                                                Business Partner At&T Trademark
                                                Business Partner Blink Trademark
                                                Business Partner Bouqs Trademark
                                                Business Partner Directv Trademark

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