What You Need To Know Before Buying A Commercial Welcome Mat
Commercial Front Door Welcome Mats

As a store owner or business owner, you want people to be in and out and everything to look so busy because that means good business. We all want everything to look nice and neat, especially at the entrance. If the entrance of a store or hotel is cluttered, no customer will have the idea to enter. You often need custom welcome mats currently. We all know that putting our logo on a rug means it's our territory. This does sound very exciting. But you do need to consider other factors, some of which are not as simple as placing luxury front door mats and letting people coming and going know about it. You know what I'm talking about, the mat itself. Large front door mats need to absorb stains and moisture, prevent slips and trips, and no doubt that's what it does. With these properties while still looking good, now you're thinking "with so many carpet supplies near me, how should I choose". The best answer is knowing what mats to pick, not whose mats to pick.

Commercial Custom Extra Large Welcome Mat

As we say consider. When you're a restaurant owner or an account manager for a hotel, your thoughts necessarily need to cover the following.There are definitely some standards that you must consider as a business owner to be in compliance with OSHA for the protection of you, your employees, and your clients and customers.The first is the aesthetics of this luxury front door mat. If the front door carpet is too ugly, it will leave a deep impression, but I am afraid it is not a good impression. The second is durability. We all want custom logo floor mats for business to last a long time. If it can't stand wear and tear, its lifespan is only a few months, so it's not a happy transaction. Especially when you spend a considerable amount of money to customize commercial door mats with logo from the manufacturer, it is undoubtedly very angry and disappointing.

The solution to the two points mentioned above is also very simple. For viewing, the specific situation depends on your logo and design, as well as the color matching. In short, ask the "artists" for their opinions. The wear resistance depends on the fabrics and processes used by the manufacturer. Generally speaking, polyester or nylon materials are the most common materials. As a commercial entrance mat, you do not need such precious materials as wool, so boldly choose polyester or nylon materials can solve the problem.

Commercial Rubber Floor Mats

The entrance is undoubtedly the place with the largest flow of people. Most accidents happen at the entrance and exit. It is inevitable that someone will slip at the door.High-quality carpets will reduce the incidence of accidents, but poor-quality carpets will often promote slips and falls.All we need to consider is a key safety feature: durable grip.Whether your floor is wood or marble, it is recommended that you choose a rubber backing. The reason for the recommendation needs to be from two aspects, the first is the grip performance of the carpet. If the grip performance of a carpet is too poor, it will curl up in the face of daily use, which will undoubtedly greatly increase the risk of falling, and the rubber backing is not easy to curl due to the characteristics of the material. Greatly increase the grip performance and ensure safety.The second is the waterproof and anti-corrosion properties of the rubber backing, and the best commercial carpets will have a way to collect moisture from the customer through rain, snow and sleet conditions. This can cause the back of the mats to remain soaked in water at times, which can be a big challenge for carpet backing.

Custom Extra Large Mat

The final choice is whether you have the right size, maybe all you want is a small custom welcome mat, which is not a challenge for any manufacturer. But when you're the manager of a large hospital or supermarket or hotel, you may need an oversized mat, which is not an easy task.

Many manufacturers do not offer extra large welcome mats. It's not like Brandu can offer custom extra large mats. This is due to the technical limitations of machinery and equipment. This limit is often 7 feet. Generally, the width of carpets cannot exceed 7 feet. It is often necessary to splicing to achieve the desired effect. Therefore, before ordering commercial carpets, it is necessary to measure and estimate and communicate with the manufacturer whether the corresponding dimensions can be achieved.Get a rough gauge size by browsing our logo mats collection.Here at Brandu, we can help you select the perfect, high-quality mats for any business!




What To Know Before Buying Commercial Entry Mats

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