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More and more trade show merchants use advertising tablecloths to highlight the influence and popularity of their brands. An exhibition tablecloth not only covers the sides of the table to make the table beautiful, but also turns the exhibition table into a powerful marketing tool to further expand the brand's influence through publicity. There is no doubt that a trade show tablecloth with a custom logo can leave a lasting impression.

trade show tablecloth with logo

Why do so many merchants use exhibition tablecloths with customized logos, and everyone recommends exhibition tablecloths to stand out at the exhibition? We have summarized three reasons.

1. Strengthen brand promotion
2. Strengthen the relationship with customers
3. Long-term investment, one-time cost, long-term use

Strengthen Brand Promotion

How can customers find you and see you at a glance among so many exhibitors? This is indeed a question that needs research.

For most customers, going to the exhibition is not just wandering around like going to the supermarket, but more purposeful, with clear requirements for the product categories that need to be purchased or that they are interested in. So when you print out a unique brand category or slogan, it is enough to reflect the effectiveness.

In particular, slogans that can directly hit pain points are more attractive and effective. This is the subtle effect on the brand. Let others know what you do, and what kind of service you can provide, and let customers find you.

trade show table covers with logo

Strengthen The Relationship With Customers

It is reported that 75% of participants report that they feel more connected to a brand after engaging with them at experiential marketing events. (Source: Agency EA 2021)

When customers understand your brand, know your brand and products, and can discuss with you at the table in depth, this is the time to establish a relationship with each other.

You may be curious that this is not directly related to custom tablecloths with logos, but what needs to be considered is that tablecloths can directly promote the brand at the exhibition and will have better results. This is undoubtedly the first step to success.

table coverings for trade shows

Long-term Investment

Finding a well-made tablecloth that will last up to two or even three years can be a worthwhile investment.

It can be used not only in every exhibition, but also in various activities. Whether it is participating in an exhibition or a small event, you can take it with you. Brand marketing can be carried out anytime and anywhere.

fitted table cloths

It is the most basic function of an exhibition tablecloth to make the desktop tidy and clean. It is also valuable to promote your brand, let customers see it at a glance, and strengthen the connection with customers. These are its unique features. Consumers have used it for a long time, and a high-quality trade show tablecloth with logo will be a boost to your business success.

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