Custom 10 x 10 Canopy Tents With Logo

Showcasing products or promoting a business at a trade show or expo is an exciting thing, and you often need custom tents with logos to support your business.Maybe you need a 10x10 tent, the size of this tent is just right, neither too big nor too small, it can meet the role of display at the exhibition, and it also provides a place for customers to rest and consult temporarily.

Popup Tents For Trade Show

We have seen so many popup tents, so in addition to the customization of various manufacturers, what are the differences between these tents of different quality? Don't worry, we are also thinking about this issue and listed three points to pay attention to, so that we have a standard of judgment when choosing the right tent, which is very interesting, right, the road of business is wider.

The Fabric Of Popup Tents

You should also be prepared in advance that we are going to talk about fabrics, because everyone does, but does it really work? Perhaps we neglect to understand these fabrics before talking about what fabrics to choose.

What we want to say is that you need to choose fabrics according to your budget, applications and other factors. It does not mean that choosing an expensive fabric then your popup tents will be easy and good to use.

 The following are several kinds of fabrics commonly used as tent tarpaulins. A good tent has many performance indicators, such as tear resistance, moisture repellency, UV protection, service life, texture and so on.

Nylon Fabric

The status of nylon fabrics in the textile field has rarely been challenged since its emergence, due to its unique characteristics. Nylon material has strong tension, bright and smooth color, not easy to fade, soft texture, good fabric strength, not easy to mold, not moth-eaten, low hygroscopicity, and not hardening in case of freezing, it is currently the most widely used material.

Nylon Fabric Material

Canvas Fabric

Canvas is undoubtedly synonymous with sturdiness and durability. It has strong water resistance, good thermal insulation, and is not hot when the sun is shining. Still, its texture is hard and bulky, easy to absorb moisture, easy to mold and fade, and is currently surpassed by most chemical fiber materials.

Canvas Fabric Material

TC Cloth Fabric

The so-called TC cloth is a blend of T (commonly known as Tetoron) and C (commonly known as cotton). It has the characteristics of wear resistance, good durability and strength, good air permeability and strong texture, and is very versatile.

Gore-Tex Fabric

It is a product of the latest technology. It is breathable, waterproof, lightweight, wear-resistant and durable, but it is relatively expensive and not cost-effective.

Gore-Tex Fabric Material

Oxford Fabric

The production raw materials of Oxford cloth (polyester fiber, nylon) determine that the cloth will have good wear resistance. At the same time, the Oxford cloth is also resistant to scratches, and the fabric is not easy to leave traces after being scratched or rubbed. Oxford cloth is washable, easy to dry and has a certain degree of water resistance. The combination of PVC coating and Oxford cloth has achieved the characteristics of industrial Oxford cloth, making Oxford cloth more useful. 1. High strength and pressure resistance. 2. More chemical properties, longer life.

600D Oxford Fabric Material


The service life of different fabrics and processing methods is also very different. The service life of good fabrics will be much longer than that of ordinary or inferior fabrics, thus reducing the cost of using tents. For example, the most popular 10 x 10 canopy tents made of 600D Oxford cloth.Its durability and comfort are far superior to other materials and thus gained high popularity. The D number, like grams and centimeters, is only a unit of measurement, and does not represent its own quality. For fabrics of the same texture, the lower the D number, the thinner, lighter, and the lower the strength. The waterproof index is not as high as possible. , the same D number and other parameters of the same fabric will have advantages and disadvantages.

 Tent Frame Material

If the fabric is the skin and flesh of the tent, then the tent frame is the skeleton of the tent. For most tents, the durability of the tent frame is also a key point to consider.Now the materials of general camping tents are basically three categories: steel frame, aluminum frame, carbon fiber frame.

Steel frame are the cheapest, but they are heavy, have low strength and are easy to break. For various reasons such as price and strength, carbon fiber tents are hard to find except for individual models that focus on ultra-light cards. Aluminum frame are relatively balanced in terms of strength, toughness, price, weight, etc., so basically mainstream products now use aluminum frames.

Custom Tents With Logo

The Difference Between Different Quality Popup Tents  

Now is our summary time, and we have a certain understanding of what we mentioned above, so how big is the difference in the performance of tents of different qualities? Here are some points worth noting.

  • Workmanship is different, better quality tents are often made with good workmanship.
  • The usable life is different.High-quality tents tend to last longer, and even if the frame fails, the tarp can continue to be used. Or after replacing the tarpaulin, the frame is also very suitable for the new 10x10 tent.
  • The fabrics used are different, although the quality of a tent cannot be distinguished directly by the fabric. However, tents with better materials tend to have better performance. For example, 600D Oxford cloth has fine texture, soft luster and good waterproof and fire resistance. When the 600D waterproof Oxford cloth encounters precipitation, the water droplets will slide down, and the surface layer of the water spray only needs to gently wipe the traces of the water droplets on the surface layer, and it will not penetrate into the inside.
  • Other value-added services, such as custom company logos, slogans, etc. Often, the better the service provider, the more customized locations and perfect customized services will be provided.

Custom 10 x 10 Canopy Tents With Logo

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