The First Cup Coffee With Coffee Tumbler In This Autumn

Cofee Tumbler

Sun goes down and autumn comes. After the end of the summer's numerous cups of ice cream, the first cup of hiking coffee in autumn is ready.

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Tumbler has always been a fashion item for fitness professionals and hiking enthusiasts.
But with such common items, do you know how to choose them?
Three tips to help you make your choice.

Three tips to choose a custom coffee tumbler.

First Tip: Keep the temperature

Double Wall SS Vacuum Bottle is the key to keeping warm, with a good insulation function tumbler, you can enjoy hot coffee even in the camping cold field. But do you think that only hot coffee is the first choice for autumn and winter?
No. In the tumbler insulation effect, you can also experience exciting iced coffee outdoors.
18/8 SS liner with copper coating vacuum sealed----popular choice for keeping hot for 12 hours and keep cold for 24 hours.

Double Wall Ss Vacuum Heat Preservation Bottle

Second Tip: Capacity

12oz-20oz small capacity tumbler is light and easy to carry, just to meet the coffee for one person.
The 40oz large-capacity tumbler meets two people's coffee and is a romantic choice for couples on a hike.

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The third tip: choose your favorite

Brandu offers 12-40oz capacity, 5-7 multi-color tumbler, support silk screen, full color, laser pattern printing process.
The following styles for your choice:

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