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Maybe we sometimes have questions, so many drinkware and custom drinkware, how to distinguish them?Even the drinkware I am talking about now, many people understand it as a container that can drink liquids such as beverages, water, and alcohol, while others think it just represents the container used for drinking.

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If you're looking for wine or drinking utensils, it can be confusing, but it's the purpose that needs to be figured out, and with that purpose comes the right choice. If you need to keep warm or travel, then the thermos will be your best choice. If you need to use it in the office, then the mug will accompany your work. Just like these examples, understanding the needs can lead to better selection of drinking utensils.

Let me lead you to a general understanding of various containers or drinking utensils.


Tumbler often have two characteristics, which is always confusing. For example, sometimes it is a tall water cup without a handle, often with a straw and a lid. The main function is to keep warm and isolate heat.

This is perfect for some creativity and ideas, you can customize your own tumbler design, which is very easy to achieve today.

custom coffee tumbler
At the same time we also have some retro style. As the emphasis is on the thermal insulation function of the tumbler, perhaps the appearance is not so important. This type of tumbler works so well that you'll use them at school or work, or even when traveling.
stainless steel tumbler bulk
In fact, there are some ordinary water glasses that we also call tumblers, which can be used to drink water and are also understood as wine glasses. It is better to judge by their distinctive features.
wine tumbler with lid

2. Cup

Tea cups are often our most vivid drinking utensils. Just like old movies, elegant ladies always have a good cup of black tea during afternoon tea. Of course now it has become more diverse, it used to be round with a handle, and now its appearance has also become richer.

a cup of coffee


The shape of the mug is more like an enlarged teacup. In fact, the difference between the two is not very big. Usually mugs are used to hold hot drinks, but because of their large internal capacity, you can use them to drink anything. In addition to drinking, the mug is generally used as a gift, and a custom logo is often added to the mug to give to others as a gift, which is also a cherished gift.

insulated coffee mug with handle


The most impressive thing about glass must be the image of its wine set. This kind of glass that appears repeatedly on the bar counter often appears with whiskey and ice. And some glass products are often called glass, even if it's just for drinking water.

glass drinkware

5. Water Bottle

Water bottles generally refer to those mineral water bottles or drinking water bottles, usually made of vinyl or plastic, and always come with a cap, usually for one-time use.

a man with hold a water bottle

As mentioned above, you need to find the real needs to be able to choose the right drinking utensils or drinkware, so you need to distinguish not only the type of drinkware, but also the needs you want, whether to store hot water or use in the office , or use when traveling.

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