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Behind every successful business is clear brand identity.The concept of brand is becoming more and more important in today's business society. This is because on the one hand, there is a brand premium, which can make your products more profitable. Secondly, there are certain barriers. When your brand is known and recognized by people, no matter how fierce the competition in the industry is, you are already a winner and have a certain customer base.

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Knowing the importance of branding, in order to achieve this, it is natural to take advantage of every opportunity to promote our brand. There is no doubt that the reception area or the entrance is often the part that is easier to ignore, and suitable commercial door mats with logo will be a good choice at this time.How to choose the right logo entrance mat will be a very worthwhile question.

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Consideration 1: Outside or Inside Door Mats?

Considering the problem of outdoor and indoor is mainly due to two reasons, you need to consider the weather and the actual role of the carpet, which will lead to having to consider the material of the carpet, and sometimes you even need to consider the location. The best way It is through commercial rugs that attract the interest of passers-by and guide them to your place, which is undoubtedly an excellent way to convert passers-by into customers.

Outdoor Commercial Entrance Mat

There is no doubt that outdoor entry mats need to have certain characteristics. It needs to deal with the erosion of rain and snow and achieve long-term durability and wear resistance.

Generally, we use rubber-backed mats to meet the needs of durable and non-slip, and polyester materials ensure long-term use.Water and weather resistance is a must-have performance option for outdoor commercial entrance mat.

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Indoor Commercial Entrance Mat

Indoor personal door mats will be a beautiful landscape, not only has the effect of brand promotion, but also should have its essential role, that is, decoration, embellishing the style of the whole room.

Compared with the role of outdoor commercial entrance mats to bear the role of weatherproofing, indoor entrance mats should often pay more attention to publicity content and commercial value. This is not to say that it does not need a strong cleaning effect, but it should be said that it has more publicity value in comparison.

commercial door mats with logo

Therefore, when choosing a commercial entrance mat, you need to give priority to the location, whether it is outdoor or indoor, so as to determine other performance indicators that need to be considered.

Consideration 2:  Logo Entrance Mat Size & Design

The size of the carpet is also a point that needs to be considered and studied. Often, a large mat is more attractive, and people are caught at first glance. But it is not that the bigger the carpet, the better. On the one hand, it needs to be coordinated with the overall space. On the other hand, the large carpet also means more expensive. If it is an oversized carpet, it will cost more money. Small mats can often create a professional-specific vibe, for example mats in boutique home stores tend to be simple and uncluttered, just like their products.

commercial floor mats with logo

Likewise, good design will always make you stand out. You need to determine your audience first, and then consider your style. As the example we just talked about, if you are a toy store, then the main audience is children and their parents, so the design style must be more cartoonish or lively and interesting.

Consideration 3:  Logo Entrance Mat Materials

One point that has to be mentioned is the careful grasp and consideration of the relevant materials.

Maybe your business is located in a coastal area, then you need to deal with the sand and debris of the soles. In this case, you need to consider whether to give the coir mat a chance. If the business is located in a windy city, there are certain requirements for water absorption, as well as durability and slip resistance. At this time, a non-slip rubber-backed polyester entry carpet is recommended. Thanks to the good grip on the one hand, and the durability on the other, it can be used repeatedly and year-round.

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